September 6, 2012

Gone to Blogger

Why? Don’t know, Feeling for a change.


August 27, 2012


Just when I was starting to get worried about being unemployed. My fees for the third subject have been provided by my refund from the BIR!


Still looking for a part time job though.

August 22, 2012

50 years Trinidad Independence

I’ve been watching Jejoongwon… the jewel in the place drama that used to show on TV6 has started an unhealthy addiction to korean dramas.

And they are now at the point where Japan has made Korea a colony. Imagine suddenly losing your sovereignty, your language. I think one of the most despicable things that Japan did was to ban Korean language as an official language. An entire generation of Koreans learnt Japanese in school. After World War II the Koreans had to do adult education classes to teach Koreans Korean.

Since I know something about linguistics, Hangul – the korean alphabet is beautiful. It is hard for me to explain why, but if your are familiar with the discipline if is easy to understand. The didn’t create the King Sejong prize for nothing.

Anyway, I am feeling very aware that we really should not take our sovereignty for granted. It is possible we may lose it. Imagine that Venezuela suddenly decides we should become part of them. I don’t really think we winning that battle. So the government at the time agrees. Or in the Korean case, turns to the US and the US agrees to let Japan have Korea in exchange for the Philippines.

Anyway, suddenly Spanish becomes the official language overnight. And everyone has to take spanish names. All official documents have to be written in Spanish and English is no longer the language of instruction in schools.

I once knew a Tamil girl from Sri Lanka, she was so happy just to be able to speak her language. Language is freedom. It embodies the way we think, our thought concept.

True independence would be the acceptance of our own dialect. To see it as an enrichment and cultural heritage and not ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ english.

August 13, 2012

On to year 2.. of Epi

No job in sight but whatever, I have had a good year. Did microbiology and taught CSEC maths for the first time.

Still will call Min of Ed to see if I made the short list.

Feeling like starting 103… have materials from last year.

Happy, think I will treat myself to a korean fruit cake. Or lomi lomi massage.